Welcome to the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute

nTi1ZzrB1w1ucf4O6pD8Y7fczU5gJiklQbZTvLNxgQw,Of5awxGbGt5XyfkMhIJhuMoZnD_SPbJf2udZSl1kEyc,UawRfIzHoW9Ki1zTnsrQMFBMjTUl89XFUfvFXWcE4kQ,I9scpK_YHcUmI2oAKXJvLL6FL4SFNnj8g2k4WO7s51gDo you feel God has inspired you with a desire to help and provide encouragement for people? Do you wish to be better trained, equipped, and able to use God’s Word? This is the Place for You!

Since 1979, the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute, NGBBI, has been committed to the task of preparing individuals to become disciples of excellence in service to Christ in strategic fields of Christian ministry. Today, the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute offers a variety of courses and programs for students of all ages. Becoming a student at NGBBI will provide you with the tools you will need to fulfill the assignment God has purposed for you!